Thank You Scotland: The Women's Creative Company

Following the release of a short film commissioned by the National Lottery highlighting the breadth and depth of arts funding in Scotland, over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the a series of films that look a bit closer at some of the featured projects and people who’ve received support.

Today’s film features The Women’s Creative Company, a Participation Project from A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company, who received £10,000 National Lottery Funding through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund to support the development of a brand new performance Privilege.

Set up in 2011 by A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company, The Women’s Creative Company is a free and regular creative space for open to any woman in Glasgow over-18 not working professionally in the arts. Earlier this year they invited women to join them in researching, developing and creating a new production that explores the personal and political stories attached to the issue of Privilege.

The result was a creative investigation into power and entitlement, what privilege means to us personally, how we use it when we have it and what the human impact is upon those whose lives are affected by it. The final show was performed in April 2016 at Platform in Easterhouse.

Lee Anthony from Women's Creative Company

Lee Anthony, a member of The Women’s Creative Company, said: “Projects and organisations, like The Women’s Creative Company, are really valuable and really important and can only exist with funding. And that funding acknowledges that many of us in our communities wouldn’t really go near arts. So when it’s brought to our doorsteps and we’re encouraged to come along it opens up a whole new world to a variety of people who wouldn’t have had that opportunity.”

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