Kirsty Logan on the Dr. Gavin Wallace Fellowship

Kirsty Logan reading at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Established in 2013 to honour his incredible contribution to Scotland’s literary community, the Dr. Gavin Wallace Fellowship is a yearlong fellowship awarded to a mid-career or established writer to enable them to focus on creating work.

Since its inception the Fellowship has been hosted by; the Association of Literary Studies in 2013-14 when it was awarded to Kirsty Logan, Mhoniack Mhor in 2014-15 when it was awarded to Jen Hadfield, and most recently by the National Library of Scotland when it was awarded to current Fellow Angus Peter Campbell.

During her time as the inaugural Dr. Gavin Wallace Fellow, award-winning author and journalist Kirsty Logan worked on her collection of short-stories ‘A Portable Shelter’ which explores Scottish folklore, fairytales, family relationships, loss and the sea.

Kirsty Logan kindly agreed to tell us about her experience of being a Dr. Gavin Wallace Fellow, her approach to writing short stories versus novels and what’s she’s working on at the moment. Watch our interview with her:

Kirsty Logan on the Dr. Gavin Wallace Fellowship from Creative Scotland on Vimeo.

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