God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl is a musical feature film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the group Belle and Sebastian.  It was produced by Barry Mendel, with Co-Producer Carole Sheridan of Singer Films and Associate Producer, Beth Allen of Forest of Black providing on the ground support for the film in Scotland.  The film stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray.

This is the debut feature of Stuart Murdoch who aspired to tell the  story of “a better summer, or at least a summer when something happened.  It happened to a boy and a girl in a city roughly the same size and  population of Glasgow. Perhaps the canals were a bit grimier, the  high-rise buildings taller, the streets emptier when you needed them to  be, and the beat clubs busier than the ones around here. But on the  whole the city was this one.”

According to Barry Mendel, “It’s a simple story – about  the brief moment after you’ve realised what you want to do with your  life, before your dream settles into becoming your job, when you’re  filled with enthusiasm, meeting like-minded friends and the  possibilities are endless.”

The film was shot, edited, scored and mixed in Glasgow over the course of 2012-2013 and will be released in cinemas on 22 August around the world,  following its world premiere at Sundance on the 18th January 2014.

God Help The Girl will premier through numerous live satellite screenings across the UK from the 16 August.

Director Stuart Murdoch released a series of Making Of videos through Pitchfork TV. Watch them below:

God Help The Girl: The Making Of - Origins

God Help The Girl: The Making Of - Casting