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Colette Sadler talks about her work

WAM Performance (photo courtesy of Collete Sadler)

In our Connecting series, artists, venues and creative projects talk about their work, their audiences and their plans  for the future.


With each new work I ask myself what is the frontier of dance and choreography? What themes and approaches are relevant and reflect a move forward for the medium? My artistic voice crosses over between movement and image, architecture and object, while exploring the role of music and sound.

In my work the body and its identity are portrayed as unstable as this reflects more truthfully, in my opinion, the social and political situation we as human find ourselves. My work has attempted to escape the categories of stable representation in search of shifting perceptions of the body.


I attract audiences that are curious about new forms of performance, dance and choreography. However I believe my work can be viewed by anyone. To this end I am producing a performance for children from the ages of 3 onwards.



My current projects examine contemporary themes and approaches to dance and choreography.- Colette Sadler

Recently I have been working with Philine Rinnert, Berlin-based visual artist and scenographer. Philine Rinnert works within a variety of contexts from New Opera to Installation and film.

Our collaborative process is first and foremost an exchange on the level of developing a dramaturgy for our collaborative performance work. This involves us in a process of discussion, rehearsal and exchange of different materials that inspire us within the subject we are dealing, namely that of animism.

We are currently collecting received images of the body throughout history, including sources from painting and photography, that might inspire an approach to dance and choreography.  By working with the language of images we start to consider how they might appear or be organized as an object or setting.


We hope to inspire a new generation of dancers and audiences in 2014, with the tour of “we are monsters” for children across England and Scotland.  I will also be presenting solo work with visual artist Philine Rinnert, as part of the Visual Art Quadrinnale in Dusseldorf Germany.

Where it's happening

My work travels nationally and internationally. I not I was recently presented in Berlin as part of Tanz Berlin Diagonale, eXplore dance Bucharest and will be performed at British Dance Edition 2014. Current solo research took me to Critical Path in Sydney, Australia as well as being based at Work-room Glasgow. Future residencies are planned in Belgium and Spain.

This article was published on 05 Mar 2014