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Our latest Nurturing Talent Fund recipients

The Nurturing Talent Fund supports creative 11-25 year-olds to develop their passions and talents in their chosen medium. These include short film making, recording songs in professional studios, producing music videos and attending masterclasses.

We introduced you to 19 round one recipients back in January, now it's time to meet the latest young people to receive funding from the Nurturing Talent programme.

Find out more and apply for the Nurturing Talent Fund - the next deadline is 6 December 2020!

2020 recipients

During 2020, over £38,000 has been given to the following creative young people from across Scotland. Find out more about the projects below.

Alice Taylor

Artist, creating a project on women ornithologists Evelyn Baxter and Leonora Rintoul.

Andrea Cano Molino

Theatre, creating ‘The Witch Trials’ stories of real women in Europe who were unjustly sentenced to death during the witch-hunts.

Arts End of Somewhere

A collective of young people with additional support needs who are publishing a book for people with complex learning disabilities.

Arwen SeilmanPhoto of Arwen Seilman dancing

Learning more about tap dancing and sharing learning with others.

Behaviour Productions

Producing an immersive black comedy theatre performance that focuses on a group of female friends.

Berend Young, Musician

Creating a collaborative Hip Hop project and a music video.

Chloe Mann

Designer, creating vinyl decal stickers which can be used for companies and for personal use.

Photo of Chris SilverChris Silver

Artist, creating a series of portrait paintings and ready-made sculptures.

"The funding from Young Scot will let me achieve the goal of transforming my art practice. It gives me the opportunity to experiment with new media without having to worry about the financial side of things. Hopefully through this funding, my practice will really develop, and I will get to try new things. Hopefully I can create more meaningful work as I will have the freedom to experiment."

Elizabeth Ann Day

Artists, supporting Volk Gallery –  a non-institutional arts venue based in Dundee.

"We are so thrilled to receive funding from Young Scot for our brand new arts project, entitled Volk Gallery!  This money is crucial for us, assisting in the initial stages of our venture in which we construct our gallery (based out of a repurposed vending machine) and approach our first new career artists to feature. We are eager to get things moving and excited to showcase a
rotation of commissioned artworks for our city and local community to enjoy. Thank you, Young Scot, for giving us this chance!"

Photo of a man and woman with The City Is Yours written on the wall in the background

Elizabeth Penman

Filmmaker, making an online documentary series for other young people, that explores how wildlife filmmaking is done.

Emma Porter

Filmmaker, creating a film about Springburn's history with young people acting out the different parts.

Erin McIntyre

Dancer, bringing a celebrity street dancer to her street dance class.


Filmmakers, collaboration between LGBT+ performers, musicians and artists to produce a short horror film.

Fiadha McLysaght

Writer, launching an essay and poetry publication about experiences of the LGBT community.

Photo of five young women in matching t-shirtsGeorgia Smith

Theatre, engaging with other young female actors and writers by inviting them to submit and preform pieces online themed around women in Scotland and burnout.

"We are thrilled to have received the Nurturing talent funding. With this, we can continue to create work without having to ask creatives to work for free, which we find important especially in the current climate. Your backing gives us the means to grow and experiment more with our identity as a company, and we can’t thank the panel enough for this amazing opportunity!"

Glasgow Youth Film Festival Youth Board

Hosting a roundtable event for young filmmakers who are starting out in the industry.

Photo of a woman with dressed in black with a large piece of bark around herIsabel Mcleish

Artist, attending the residency with 'La Wayaka Current' in the Atacama Desert to learn from indigenous knowledge and explore the culture.

Jack Tully

Photographer, exploring food, home and culture through sound, photography and taste.

Jen Athan

Filmmaker, creating 'Butterfly' – a short film about the struggles of mental health whilst studying.

Joe Christie

Creating a production about ‘coolness’ and how it impacts daily lives.

Jonny Walker

Sculptor, producing an exhibition exploring queerness, intimacy and ecology, consisting of several large-scale, soft-bodied, robotic sculptures.

Julie Cumming

Writer, creating ‘From Home’ -  a book of interviews with people in Atholl, sharing stories of making their life in rural Scotland.

Kathrine Payne

Running a theatre-making course, including introductions to writing, devising and movement in theatre.

Khadea Tesbasi Kuchenmeister

Bringing people from the African diaspora in Edinburgh together to explore food autoethnography/autobiography.

Photo of Kick the Door ScotlandKick The Door Theatre

Producing 'On the Backs of Giants' – a short play for children dealing with themes of climate change, Scottish heritage and community.

"We are delighted to be receiving funding from the Nurturing Talent fund, and do not believe that our project would have been feasible otherwise. With the help of the fund, we will be developing and producing our original show for children ’On the Backs of Giants’, an exciting piece of new Scottish writing all about our relationship with the earth’s resources, and also with our community. The grant will give us the ability to produce a piece of quality theatre that we believe children deserve, with an exciting set, original music and dynamic staging."

Laura Aicha-Farruga

Producing ‘Sigh’ – a short film depicting the failed birthday of Scottish housewife Moira.

Lewis Collins

Artist, creating a youth leadership group that aims to inspire more young people with an interest in art to have a go at new artforms.

Liam Rees

Theatre, developing ‘Tank Life’ theatre show about mental health, neurodiversity, and an octopus trying to escape its tank.

Photo of a young male photographer, pictured from below on a concrete building, with a camera taking a photographLuc Lynch-Rice

Filmmaker, creating a BMX film using analogue techniques such as super 8 film and Mini DV tapes.

"Really appreciate the help from the Time to Shine fund! Allowing young Scottish people to flourish in their creative ideas is such a good thing. With the funding I have received, I will be buying Super 8 film, and getting out and about to film more BMX videos. This grant will allow me to continue to do what I love, and be creative, without the financial strain that acquiring materials can have."

Lucy Grainge

Running workshops to assist fellow young people in creating an arts magazine.

"It is a huge privilege to receive the Nurturing Talent fund from Creative Scotland, particularly at this time when Covid-19 is causing a huge amount of stress and disruption to our daily lives. I shall host a series of art workshops remotely with the Rumpus Room Youth Activism group and create a digital zine of their recent projects.

"We are determined to still carry out the workshops, as now more than ever working as a community is vital and creating artwork can hopefully help the young people navigate this uncertain time, to share ideas and have the joy of creating art!"

Photo of Lucy, crouched on the floor looking at pieces of paper

Luke O’Brian, Jamie Bankhead, Connie Reid, Mathew Jenkins, Sam Gainty, Adam Finch, Stephen Macleod, Angus Connor & Clyde Hoskin

Creating a game to gamify the physiotherapy routines for children with Cystic Fibrosis.

Maisie Wilson

Director, attending the ‘Directing the Documentary’ online intensive course.

Maria J. Wolonciej

Creating an architecture platform with light-hearted articles illustrated with author artwork, for architecture students and enthusiasts.

Detailed pencil sketches of the interior of a house

Maya Chillingworth

Filmmaker, taking part in a placement with Susie Films.

Meabh Breathnach

Artist, travelling to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to work with the technicians in the foundry.

Melanie Toutakova

Filmmaker, creating an immersive short film following a young woman as she meets her estranged childhood friend.

Michiel Turner

Musician, creating a collective of musicians and artists that can collaborate using a website dedicated to collaborative projects.

Olivia Middleton

Filmmaker, creating a short visual project tackling the stigma of miscarriage.

Photo of Rory with a black face mask, spray painting and using a piece of paper to create an artworkRory Robertson-Shaw

A young designer from Autonomous Design Group, supporing grassroots community engagement projects with graphic design.

"I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to put into place something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. The funding will mean I will be able to set up a print workshop and provide a resource for social and political movements in Edinburgh to create a range of resources that are normally extremely inaccessible, as well as providing a place for collective learning and growth."

Rose Sharkey

Performer, running 'Reverb' play in an environmentally friendly way to encourage sustainable practice within the arts.

Rufus Elliot

Musician, recording a collaborative album alongside Harry Gorski-Brown.

Photo of two young womem sitting down and smiling, one is holding a laptopSanoja Chhetri

Artist, infusing art, poetry and medicine to promote a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

"We wish to express our sincere gratitude towards the whole team of Young Scot and Creative Scotland for this wonderful opportunity. Greatly do we appreciate the honour and responsibilities that goes along with this grant. As an individual ourselves with both a passion for arts, poetry, and medicine, this project allows us to amalgamate the trio into one final project. We believe this funding is a great milestone for the future of these subjects, as it promotes a sense of wellbeing and inspiration to patients, family and staff in the hospital premise. Thank you again!"

Sean Ellcombe

Painter, creating an exhibition to celebrate the domestic window.

Siri Black and Kein Denier

Artists, creating an artist publication that expands upon a seminar they organised as part of an exhibition of their work in January 2020.

Tabitha Johnson, Lulu Johnson, Daisy Anderson & Artur Vavilov

A young gipsy jazz band creating a CD of their work.

Tahliah Simumba

Artist, creating THE ULTIMATE ANGELS – an audio-visual, durational performance work which explores sub-genres of queer identity.

Taylor Waggoner

Theatre, starting a theatre company that will create theatre from pieces of historical or cultural interest.

Zacharia Ronan

Musician, recording the last two tracks for their debut album.

This article was published on 03 Dec 2020