Introducing the 2019 Nurturing Talent Fund recipients

19 Young Scots from across the country have been awarded funding from the Nurturing Talent - Time to Shine Fund.

The fund, delivered by Young Scot, gives small grants to young people aged 11-25 to develop their creative talent.

There are two further deadlines this year, so make sure you get your application in if reading this list inspires you.

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Meet the 2019 recipients!

The drumming group The Penguins Tuxedo stand in a garden

The Penguins Tuxedo, Nairn (pictured), a youth-led street drumming band for any young person to join and has been running for 10 years. The band members will take part in a band leadership course.

Emily Middlemas, Glasgow, is embarking upon phase two of rebranding as an artist. After a successful rebrand as the new artist ‘ili’, the next phase is to create a new body of music works. Emily said:

“Thank you to everyone at Young Scot and Creative Scotland for this incredible opportunity, I am so over the moon. This will help me in so many ways.

I’m currently in the process of writing a script and choreography for my new music video coming in 2020. This funding will be a massive help to go towards the likes of styling, make-up and hair, venue hire, rehearsal studios and much more.

I can’t express how much this means to me and to have this type of support. It’s really incredible!”

Jordy Delight, Edinburgh, will create a piece of drag theatre exploring lung transplants in Cystic Fibrosis.

Alisa Dixon, Aberdeenshire, will take part in a storytelling apprenticeship led by Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Mary-Beth McFern, East Lothian, will run a performance arts summer school in 2020 for young people aged 6-13. Mary-Beth said:

"The money that the Nurturing Talent Fund has awarded MBArts means so much to myself and our young participants. This money will cover our Venue Hire for our 3-week Summer School and allow me to offer two young people a Scholarship for one of the 3 weeks.

MBArts strives to provide young people with affordable access to the arts and this funding means we can achieve this for another year. When I applied for the funding It was so easy to do but I didn’t think for a second a small company like MBArts would have a chance so thank you."

Chris Timmins, Glasgow, will publish an anthology of poems and illustrations from young, queer, Scottish poets.

Tosia Bargielowska Johnsen, Edinburgh, will create a seven-chapter book based on the feminine archetype as conceptualised by Carl Jung.

A man in a plaid shirt holds a large camera over his shoulder - he looks away from the camera photographing him

Nathanael Macdonald, Edinburgh (pictured), will create a short documentary film drawing inspiration from realist painter Edward Hopper which will be a celebration of love, death and jazz music - told through an intimate character portrait of a local elderly jazz enthusiast.

Louise Mclachlan, Edinburgh, will deliver ‘Scope’ -  a photography workshop aimed at teaching participants the power of their perspectives. The workshop aims to show participants how their individuality and circumstances can create powerful pieces of art.

Will Peppercorn, Edinburgh, will create a short film project called ‘Skeletons’ about a young man, Marcus, on the morning of his father’s funeral going to collect his Grandfather for the service.

Sara Gatland, Perth & Kinross, will create a musical film retelling of a selkie folk tale.

Island Life Productions, Edinburgh, will create a radio series centred around a group of young people working as receptionists at an Edinburgh-based branch of a chain hotel. Island Life Productions said:

"It is an incredible honour to be funded by the Nurturing Talent Fund for our ‘Welcome to the Quids Inn’ radio series, set to be released from March 2020. This funding represents a great victory for emerging artists who are too often pushed aside or disregarded because of their lack of experience without established companies considering the amazing abilities, attitudes and fresh perspectives that emerging artists bring to any team.

This funding will ensure that the emerging artists who work on this project will be paid fairly and be respected as professionals. Thank you Young Scot and Creative Scotland!"

Margherita Pescarin and Florentina Abendstein, Edinburgh, will create a monthly inclusive multilingual poetry, live drawing workshop and open mic night.

A woman stands in purple light holding a microphone behind a keyboard

Kate Wills, South Lanarkshire (pictured), will write, record, and release an EP focused on mental health.

Birds with Words, Edinburgh, is a space that gives women, trans and non-binary people a platform to share their creativity. They will organise a one-day arts festival. Birds with Words said:

"We are the Birds With Words Collective and we intend to create a space that gives women, trans and non-binary people a platform to share their creativity. With the funding from the Nurturing Talent Fund we will organise a one-day Arts festival in Edinburgh for women, trans and non binary performers, facilitators and artists.

We are incredibly grateful to the Nurturing Talent Fund for providing us funding to hire an appropriate space and pay the creatives involved. The funding will allow us to grow our ever- expanding community of women, trans and non binary performers and artists."

Shaun Duggan, Glasgow, will document the emerging hip-hop/street scene in Glasgow, showcasing local artists and the street style of young hip hop fans.

Adam Mende, Midlothian, will launch a website to sell enamel pins designed by local artists to showcase their work to a larger audience whilst supporting them financially.

A performance with a woman in spotlight at the front of a group on stage

Rosie Dignan, Dundee (pictured), will travel to and from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior Musical Theatre Course.

Judas Milvidaite (artist name Medis), Edinburgh, will create a series of creative workshops that focus on the exploration of the senses and celebration of artistic experimentation.

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This article was published on 24 Jan 2020