CashBack filmmaking scheme helps Jessica find the confidence to progress

Filmmaking at Screen Education Edinburgh

A new series of podcasts made by young people explores the positive impact of creative CashBack projects across Scotland.

Amongst the testimonies in the first podcast (which focuses on attainment and progression) we hear from 19 year old Jessica whose experience of the scheme has resulted in hands-on experience of film-making, boosting her confidence, skills and self-esteem.

This is her story...

Being involved gave me the confidence to do this, I would never thought I could achieve something like this before.- Jessica

After moving to Scotland in 2016, Jessica struggled to find her feet. Suffering from depression and anxiety, she tried to find inspiration in a local college course but dropped out after just one month.

It was then that she discovered Tomorrow’s People, a 6-week engagement programme offering mixed group activities and 1-1 support, and through that, Screen Education Edinburgh’s Access to Film Making course. This was when things really started to happen.

Screen Education Edinburgh is the Capital’s home for filmmaking education. The project, one of 15 currently supported through the CashBack for Creativity Targeted Fund, is dedicated to transforming lives; developing young people, new talent and independent film makers. With a special focus on the most disadvantaged communities, they offer a range of accessible and engaging opportunities where people can develop their knowledge, skills and passion for film and filmmaking whilst fostering confidence, self-esteem, motivation, agency, community and social capital.

Fast forward a year, and Jessica is brimming with confidence. Her involvement in the course has led to several other exciting opportunities; after completing an accredited “Intro to Film Making course”, Jessica now regularly attends regular drop-in sessions where young people from deprived areas can develop their knowledge and passion for film and filmmaking.

She’s also enrolled in Street League, a youth sports charity that uses sport to engage young people and teach them key life and work skills, and is now coaching a young person with visual impairment, on top of a part time job.

For Jessica, the impact of the support she’s received is clear: “There is no way I would have been confident enough to do the coaching or the part time job if it wasn’t for doing the courses I have here.”

Listen to the full episode below:

The CashBack for Creativity programme aims to tackle inequality by removing barriers to access and provision of arts and creative experiences for young people, aged 10-24 regardless of background or situation.

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This article was published on 31 Jul 2018