Ormaig Landart with Gabi Stuckemeier

Ormaig Landart

In this interview, we talk to artist Gabi Stuckemeier about Ormaig Landart Project, a large-scale outdoor work that acts as a response through time to the ancient rock art site nearby. Using 300 tree stumps created through forestry, Gabi used lime wash to create a huge dot in the landscape, which will gently fade away.

Find out about Gabi's process, what she learned, and what's next for her.

The Ormaig Landart Project was supported through the Open Project Fund, with funds from the National Lottery.

Watch this video to see more of the project!

Gabi would like to thank Aaron Watson and Julia Hamilton from Kilmartin Museum, Robbie Layden from Forestry and Land Scotland, Dean Hicks from Hicks Plastering, Amanda Catto and Sophie Craik from Creative Scotland, Stephen Burke and Louie Pegna, Bjorn Aaen from Drone Scotland, John Was, Gillian, Morgan and Vic MacVicar, and Dougie.

Visit Gabi's website to find out how to visit the project, see more images, and learn about other works by Gabi:


This article was published on 09 Oct 2020