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Visual Art

CCA: How exhibitions are reaching beyond the gallery space in 2019

We speak to CCA Curator Ainslie Roddick about three CCA exhibitions: Katherine MacBride, Shadi Habib Allah and Emilia Beatriz. Plus, find out more about the CCA Seed Library.

Arpita Shah's Nalini: A personal journey exploring migration, family history and shifting cultural identities

Arpita Shah's new exhibition, Nalini, is an ongoing series of work that focuses on the photographer's mother, her grandmother and herself. We spoke to the artist to find out more.

Helping creatives navigate the obstacles of today's art world

Edinburgh-based artist Sarah Calmus has curated a new interdisciplinary project aimed at bringing creative people together to navigate the obstacles and challenges of today's art world.

Ragadawn: The sunrise performance on Skye worth waking up early for

On Saturday 25 August, over 100 people rose before dawn on Skye, to watch Ragadawn: a performance from the internationally-renowned Norwegian artist, writer and performer, Caroline Bergvall.

Orkney artist completes a drawing a day - for a year!

Orkney artist Laura Drever produces work inspired by the island's unique landscape. In 2015 she successfully completed a "365 drawing challenge", creating a new sketch every single day for a year. We caught up with Laura as she prepares for her latest exhibition to find out more.

The Travelling Gallery at 40: A driving force for art in communities

For the last 40 years, the Travelling Gallery has been touring all over Scotland with one key mission: to make art inclusive and accessible for all. Now, an exhibition over two floors at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre will celebrate Travelling Gallery’s journey – past, present and future.

Get to know: Panel

Learn more about Panel: an independent curatorial practice based in Glasgow, and one of Creative Scotland's Regularly Funded Organisations for 2018-21.

Examining the "In Kind" economy at Glasgow International

A new research project by artists Janie Nicoll and Ailie Rutherford is charting the hidden economies of the visual arts, using Glasgow International 2018 as a case study.

Arcadeum: North Edinburgh Arts' long-term artist residency, with community at its heart

Arcadeum is a long-term residency project, run by Hans K Clausen and Lindsay Perth. Within the framework of the project, the two artists work closely with a local community to explore the physical changes happening as a result of a new health centre.

The Transit of Hermes: Ross Birrell on myth and the power of the journey

It's a Tuesday morning in April, and CCA's exhibition gallery is covered in straw. It's all part of the sensory experience that is The Transit of Hermes: Ross Birrell's new exhibition at Glasgow International.