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Creative Europe pushes forward with arts funding

In March 2017, Creative Europe caught up with Fiona Ferguson from Imaginate to talk about PUSH: a two-year, small Cooperation Project led by Imaginate (Scotland) in partnership with CCHA (Belgium), The Ark (Ireland), Scenekunstbruket (Norway) and Åbendans (Denmark), for which it received €168,655.

The project aims to 'push' and develop thinking, ideas and art forms in theatre and dance for young audiences in each of the countries represented, whilst exploring three crucial topics: identity, borders and 'safety zones'.

Fiona said that the opportunity for Imaginate to work on a European and international basis was invaluable, principally because the organisation "had no difficulties in finding the right partners" for the PUSH project.

Creative Europe has had a massive impact as the project couldn’t take place without this funding- Fiona Ferguson, Imaginate

Though the lack of face-to-face meetings proved to be a challenge at times, what drove the project forward was the fact that the partners involved with the project were all "really passionate about the same things - to develop ideas and artists in performance for children and young people."

Without support from Creative Europe, Fiona believes that the project would not have come to pass. "Creative Europe has had a massive impact as the project couldn’t take place without this funding," she explained, adding that she doesn't feel that PUSH would be "anywhere near so interesting if we weren’t working with European partners."  

"The funding is allowing us to create a European-wide network for artists and organisations who share our interest in these topics," she said. "For the artists who take part, it’s invaluable to have international opportunities that contact them to each other and to organisations who programme work for young people."

As the project continues to develop and grow, the continued support of Creative Europe has been acknowledged.

"Now we have the funding, we continue to receive support from the Creative Europe Desk UK team. It helps connect us in to the wider programme of funded projects and to promote what we are doing to a European audience."

This article was published on 06 Dec 2017