Singer/songwriter Martha L. Healy on her new album, recording in Nashville and the buzz of Glasgow Americana

Scottish singer-songwriter, Martha L. Healy, says she was raised on a diet of Americana music. It’s only fitting, then, that now she’s producing it on an international scale.

Last Night From Glasgow: The independent record label championing artists

Last Night From Glasgow is a not-for-profit independent record label based in Glasgow. Ian Smith founded the label in 2016, to support artists who says he felt were "being forced down costly commercial routes", when it came to making records.

Carla J. Easton on Impossible Stuff – ‘I think this is the first record where I haven't censored myself’

We caught up with Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Carla J. Easton to find out about the process of making her new record, and her varied musical career so far.

Ten picks for the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

This year, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blue Festival turns the big 4-0. Their anniversary year has a packed programme of events, and though it was a hard job, we've picked ten that we're excited about.

Distant Voices: How Vox Liminis' album aims to spark conversations on criminal justice

Vox Liminis' album - Distant Voices: Not Known at This Address - features the talents of Kris Drever, C Duncan, Admiral Fallow, Emma Pollock and more, alongside people who have experienced the criminal justice system.

Scotland x SXSW: The bands that brought Scottish sounds to Texas

South by Southwest is an annual conglomerate of cutting-edge culture, combining film, interactive media and, of course, music. This year, we supported five Scottish artists on their journey to SXSW through the PRS International Showcase Fund.

Be Charlotte on her path to a worldwide record deal

Earlier this month, Dundee's own Charlotte Brimner took a huge step in her music career, as her three-piece band, Be Charlotte, signed a worldwide record deal with Columbia/Sony Music.

The year ahead in Jazz

With 2018 set to be a jumping year for Jazz across Scotland, our Music Officer Clare Hewitt takes a look at some of the highlights.

Music and film combine in Dark Water

Dark Water is a ground breaking new cross-media project combining opera and film, the stunning result of a collaboration between Writer/Director Oscar Van Heek and composer Malcolm Lindsay. We spoke to Malcolm to find out more.

Emme Woods - It's Ma Party and yer all invited!

It's been quite a year for singer-songwriter Emme Woods. Following a string of showcases, including Wide Days and The Great Escape, Emme is now launching her first EP and film. We caught up with her to hear how it's all coming together.