Northwords Now

"Northwords publishes Northwords Now and Tuath in print and online to inspire writers and readers with the power of new work in Scotland’s three languages, including local variants. This includes work produced in places remote from major centres, together with that of writers living and working at the heart of such hubs."

The newly launched website of the literary publication Northwords Now allows access to read (and now hear) prose and poetry in English, Scots and Gaelic and to writing that reflects lives and experiences in the North of Scotland.

Screenshot of the Northwords Now website

We've gathered up some highlights from the website.

Chris Powici - Drystone

The current issue, 40, features a series of poems from Chris Powici in English, with translations in Irish Gaelic, Shetlandic and Scots.

The first of these is Drystone: Drystone by Chris Powici | Northwords Now

Meg Bateman - Stoirm

Issue 39 featured the Gaelic poem Stoirm, from one of our best poets, Meg Bateman. Followed by an English translation: Stoirm by Meg Bateman | Northwords Now

Shane Strachan - Standing Stone

Issue 38 offered readers an affecting piece of short fiction in North East Scots from writer Shane Strachan, Standing Stone: Standing Stone by Shane Strachan | Northwords Now

Amanda Thompson - Scots Dictionary of Nature

Author and artist Amanda Thompson reflected on her own Scots Dictionary of Nature in Issue 36, charting the work’s origins: Savour the huam by Amanda Thompson | Northwords Now

This article was published on 21 Apr 2021