Bloody Scotland 2019

Three people stand in front of a torch lit procession crowd.

Crime fiction would be nothing without twists. It is therefore quite fitting that there are so many brilliant and surprising events at Bloody Scotland, Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival.

To help us lock sights on must-attend events, we turned to authors and Bloody Scotland board members Lin Anderson, Craig Robertson, and Gordon Brown, who told us what they were most looking forward to about Bloody Scotland this year.

Lin Anderson

“There’s always something new at Bloody Scotland. That’s what I love about it.

“A must is Desert Island Crooks with Caro Ramsay, Abir Mukherjee and Craig Robertson. With that lineup it’s bound to be hilarious.

“On a more serious note, I’m chairing David Wilson with his fabulous book, My Life with Murderers and can’t wait to talk to him about it.

“Third up, our opening event with David Baldacci, who will also lead the torchlight procession wearing a kilt!”

Lin Anderson appears at two events at this year's Bloody Scotland - My Life With Murderers: Dr David Wilson with Lin Anderson, and Lin Anderson and Alex Gray.

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Craig Robertson

“In terms of the book events, I’m really looking forward to seeing Chris Brookmyre and Michael Robotham together. They are two of the smartest and most talented authors writing today but they are also both uproariously entertaining speakers and I can’t wait to hear how they will spark off each other.

“However, if I’m being honest, the event I’m looking forward to most is the annual Scotland v England crime writers’ football match. It’s been a long 12 months waiting for revenge for last year’s defeat and we’re ready for it.”

Craig Robertson appears at three events at this year's Bloody Scotland - Bloody Scotland Crime Writers' Football Match: Scotland v England, the Quiz, and Desert Island Crooks.

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Gordon Brown

"Five years ago I ushered the first of the Crime in the Spotlight authors onto the stage for their three minutes of fame.

These novelists are new to the crime writing world and, even with all the other great authors and events on at Bloody Scotland this weekend, I’ll get the biggest kick from watching this years' dozen rising stars sing for their supper."

Gordon Brown appears at one event at this year's Bloody Scotland - Trading Places: Gordon Brown, MJ Cross, Steph Broadribb.

View Gordon Brown's event in the Bloody Scotland programme

Truthfully, the whole programme is a veritable page-turner, full of intriguing events that are sure to pique your curiosity in the world of crime writing.

Read the full programme on the Bloody Scotland website

This article was published on 19 Sep 2019