Create:Inclusion - Why you should apply, from previous recipients

Create:Inclusion seeks to increase the diversity of people in the arts and creative industries.

Applicants can seek funding to help them progress, develop their creative and professional practice and capacity, or to support them to take professional and creative risks.

We spoke to some past recipients to find out what drew them to apply to Create:Inclusion, what they did with the funding, and what advice they have for those of you who may be thinking of applying.

Ben Lunn, Composer and Conductor, gave insights on the challenges that the fund can help to alleviate, as well as the intriguing project the fund supported!

Kirin Saeed, Performer and Playwright, spoke about her experience of applying for the fund, the positive results of receiving the funding, and some top tips for applying.

Janos Lang, Creative Director of Ando Glaso, highlighted the ways that Create:Inclusion had helped the organisation's activities become established, and what he felt was most important to focus on in an application.

This article was published on 01 Feb 2022