Dance on; Dundee! talk about their Cashback for Creativity work

Dance On; Dundee!

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We know that our regular dance workshops appeal to young people who don’t usually access cultural activities.- Dundee Dance Partnership

Dance On; Dundee! aims to inspire more participation in high quality dance opportunities through a programme of tasters and performances. It offers vulnerable people access to high quality dance classes, performances and rehearsals and participation in the Crews Initiative.

Our children and parents project offers regular dance workshops to vulnerable families as a fun and effective way to increase physical activity. The workshops are designed to promote well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem.

About the partnership

Dundee Dance Partnership is made up of Leisure & Culture Dundee, Scottish Dance Theatre, Smallpetitklein Dance Company, Dundee College, Showcasethestreet, Dundee City Council’s Education Service and University of Dundee. Our organisations share values in helping people access and engage with dance.

Dance On Dundee! is engaging with off-site education centres, nurseries and schools to deliver the high quality dance activities.

Where is it happening?

The project is being delivered in areas across Dundee that are either in the top 15% SIMD, where there is a lack of cultural opportunity, off-site education centre where the young people have disengaged with other activities and looked after young people.


We know from experience that our regular dance workshops appeal to young people who don’t usually access cultural activities. We select dance tutors who have the skills to support, encourage, tune into and be sensitive to the needs of our participants.

We are currently working to extend our reach with the Children And Parents project in collaboration with Menzieshill and Kirkton Community Centres. We are working with a variety of partners including;NHS Tayside, Police, Social Work, Housing, Adult Literacy Education, Integrated Child Services and the Voluntary Sector.

Dance On; Dundee! is supported through CashBack for Creativity

This article was published on 26 Mar 2014