Cashback for Creativity's JUMPCUT talk about their work

Jumpcut (photo: Emma Levy)

In our Connecting series, artists, venues and creative projects talk about their work, their audiences and their plans  for the future.

About Cashback for Creativity

CashBack for Creativity is the cultural arm of Scottish Government’s wider CashBack for Communities programme. This unique programme reinvests criminal proceeds in some of the communities most affected by crime.

Projects like JUMPCUT have been selected in order to encourage participation in the arts and creative industries, and inspire young people to progress to positive destinations including training, volunteering and employment.


JUMPCUT commends innovative approaches to all aspects of screen production.

We strongly believe that talent is not always found through formal educational routes, and therefore seek to engage with young people from diverse backgrounds, who would otherwise not have the opportunity or feel confident enough to engage with such a program.

What we do

we strongly believe that talent is not always found through formal educational routes- JUMPCUT

We help to establish and develop new and diverse generations of skilled professionals in the screen industries, creating a programme of activities and training opportunities for young people aged 16 – 25 living in Scotland.

So far many of those who participate are people at college, university, or young people who have graduated but cannot find work in the industry. We’re working to broaden our reach to school leavers and young people not engaged in employment or education, through focussed activities.

What's next?

We want to see the relationships between production companies and young people from vastly different educational and social backgrounds flourish even more! To this end, we are concentrating on increasing diversity within the summer company and our year round outreach programmes.

This involves strengthening our partnerships with GMAC, SEE and Plantation Productions; producing an even more diverse programme of activities and professional development opportunities; and aspiring to create a free of charge agency to promote our young people to productions and companies.

Our partners

Film City Glasgow & Sigma Films are the primary partners for JUMPCUT. Both organisations have provided staffing and management support to help develop the charity. Film City Glasgow also act as an agent between the charity and the building’s tenants, who offer a range of services in the screen industries. Tiernan Kelly (Director, FCG) is the primary contact for this partner. Sigma Films provide specialist support to candidates in the form of mentoring, a wide range of specialist production experience and access to its professional network, Gillian Berrie (Director, Sigma Films) is the primary contact for this partner.


    University of the West of Scotland are partnering with JUMPCUT and support the charity by leading on the professional evaluation of this pilot year, and give guidance to our professionals on becoming mentors and trainers, linking JUMPCUT in to the Skillset Media Academy Network in Scotland. Margaret Scott (UWS Skillset Media Academy Manager) and Graham Jeffery (Reader, School of Creative and Cultural Industries) are the contacts for this partnership.

    We are also working in with Plantation Productions, GMAC, and screen education to develop clear pathways for our young people to keep developing and eventually specialising.

    Where it's happening

    JUMPCUT activities take place across Scotland: in Film City Glasgow; at the venues of our partner organisation; shooting on location and at local and national venues.

    Our offering includes:

    • outreach tasters and career talks for young people who have an interest in the screen interest (sometimes travelling to groups where access to professional advice is limited)
    • a programme of master classes and workshops, including entry level training for all crew positions, introductions to new equipment, demonstrations, screenings and talks from professionals about all stages of production
    • work placements & mentoring with industry professionals
    This article was published on 05 Mar 2014