A virtual taste of the Edinburgh Festivals

A new Virtual Reality app, supported by Creative Scotland and BBC Scotland, is celebrating the craziness and vibrancy of the world’s biggest arts festival.

Edinburgh 70 is an immersive dip into the Edinburgh Festivals via the BBC archive, created by digital artists Dennis & Debbie Club and designed for Gear VR.

Marking the Festivals' 70th anniversary year, the virtual tour mixes abstracted digital modelling of Edinburgh and short BBC archive highlights - all at the control of the viewer’s gaze.

Edinburgh 70 is an artistic distillation of Edinburgh at festival time over the last 70 years,” explain Dennis and Debbie. ”We’ve built 3D representations of city landmarks and populated them with everything the festival experience has to offer. It’s our attempt to capture the joyful carnival of serendipity and craziness.

Edinburgh 70 VR app

“This kind of experience is only possible in virtual reality. We’ve been able to build a surreal collage of geography, history and entertainment – and it’s all going on all around you. You can’t really convey that in any other medium.

“The specially selected BBC archive is essential to the overall experience, because it lets you see first-hand the festivals’ amazing history and get a sense of the scope of all the amazing people and performances that have come to Edinburgh through the years.”

Edinburgh 70 VR app

Morgan Petrie (Creative Industries Manager) said:

"I’m pleased to see this project launched on BBC Taster alongside AbstrACTION, which was also supported by Creative Scotland. This comes at the start of Edinburgh’s festival season, where technology driven experiences are an increasing feature.

"Creative Scotland identified a gap in digital leadership and innovation in the arts and creative industries some time ago. As a means of addressing this gap we facilitated Light Bytes - a series of events and discussions in collaboration with Creative Dundee, Creative Edinburgh and We Throw Switches - and supported creative technologists to continue those conversations in collaboration with other artists and artforms.

Light Bytes event in Dundee

"Dennis & Debbie Club first collaborated with Glasgow Short Film Festival to create and curate a Virtual Film theatre which featured at this year’s event. The collaboration continued when the BBC invited them to work with their Connected Studios and explore their archive.

"Collaboration is a key element of our Creative Industries Strategy and it’s great to see fantastic results from people working together and being open to sharing ideas"

Find out more about Edinburgh 70 on BBC Taster and download it from the Oculus Store.

    This article was published on 04 Aug 2017