How Dennis and Debbie are tackling digital-art-phobia

Dennis and Debbie Club

The Dennis and Debbie Club are Glasgow-based digital artists Dennis R. and Debbie M. They work with open-source software, creating CGI animations, video installations and virtual reality (VR) apps and were awarded £14k through the Open Project Fund in 2015/16.

Dennis and Debbie had a transformational year, creating work that bridged the arts/science divide - with shows at the Edinburgh Art Festival (EAF) in Summer 2015, and the Edinburgh International Science Festival in Spring 2016. The funding supported their professional development during this time, increasingly allowing them to play a leadership role with regards to exploring how digital tools (and particularly VR) might affect audiences, artists and the sector in general:

“We are very keen to help change the prevalent stigma of digital-art-phobia-amongst emerging artists and we think that barriers can be overcome……whilst paving the way for viable commercial applications. Our research into the application of VR technology and its possibilities to provide an income to digital artists via widespread distribution channels will now form the basis of further activities.”

The funding also showed the domino effect that can result from a modest amount of funding. Following their work at EAF, their work was screened in London, and featured in Lux Scotland’s Critical Forum. They were also long-listed for the Arte Laguna Prize and the Northern Film + Media’s ‘Artist’s Cut’ scheme, and following an exhibition alongside Sven Werner they were commissioned to do green-screen, compositing and post production work for his successful Scottish Shorts pitch teaser.

They rounded it all off by winning a Curiosity Award in partnership with Glasgow Short Film Festival, which brought a further micro-grant to enable them to start developing an app addressing the future of cinematic viewing.

This article was published on 30 Mar 2016