Contemporary dance meets cutting-edge tech with AbstrACTION

Bright Side Studios and Janis Claxton Dance have collaborated on an innovative new digital work, AbstrACTION, capturing the movements of professional dancers and projecting them into a Virtual Reality experience. We went along for a behind-the-scenes look and to chat to them about their experiences of working together.

Explaining the project's background, Creative Industries Manager Morgan Petrie said: "We’re really pleased to have supported Bright Side Studios and Janis Claxton Dance to continue their dialogue of discovery, started as part of our Light Bytes programme last year."

"The programme created a space to discuss the what, why and how of creating innovative work with digital at its core and ultimately offered small funding "Curiosity awards" to take those discussions forwards. A key element of the programme was the collaboration of creative technologists with other artforms.

"AbstrACTION is a result of the ongoing conversation between Bright Side and Janis Claxton. As part of the programme, recipients of the awards shared their experiences of working together. We invited industry partners to those sharing events to participate in the conversation. We’re delighted that the BBC engaged so openly and are now supporting the process by working with some of the programme participants and promoting this project on their Taster platform.

"This really is just a taster as there’s more to come from this process that will be seen in depth as part of FuturePlay's Virtual Reality Studio (3 - 26 August) during this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe."

Blending exquisite contemporary dance with cutting-edge technology, we aim to give you a visceral experience of dance through VR. Immerse yourself in a dark and shadowy world, and let your whole self be moved as you choose your own viewpoint and flow within the dance. Experiment with the dancers as they explore new pathways within Virtual Realities - fall, rise, turn and fly with us into the stars.- AbstrACTION

AbstrACTION is available now from the Google Play Store, and also launches on BBC Taster from Thursday 3 August.

Stay tuned for exciting news from another collaboration coming out of the Light Bytes initiative.

This article was published on 02 Aug 2017