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Spotlight - Youth Music and the Environment

The youth music community is truly inspiring in their work surrounding the environment. This month, we bring to you a round-up of activities and resources from across the sector related to the climate crisis, climate justice, and COP26.

9 November 2021

Introducing #ClassicAll, a celebration of classical and new music in Scotland

Scotland has a vibrant music scene that encourages innovative and collaborative working across classical, experimental and improvisation practice. This guide highlights the main resources and organisations supporting classical and new music in Scotland.

14 October 2021

Spotlight - Youth Music

For over 20 years, UK Charity Youth Music has been funding music making projects for young people across England, supporting 0 - 25 year olds to make, learn, and earn through music.

6 October 2021

Spotlight - Back to School

The YMI Formula Fund sees funding distributed directly to all local authorities in Scotland to support in-school delivery of music making activities. As well as having a focus on providing pupils with their first experiences music making, the fund also supports music making in non-mainstream settings, such as special schools, and with groups of young people who would not normally have the opportunity to participate in meaningful, quality music making opportunities.

7 September 2021

Spotlight - Glittery Bums and Glasgow sun: a blog from Shobhita at Ensemble

A spotlight on Ensemble, the award-winning Glasgow based project funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative and run by Wheatley Care. The project has launched a brand new music video for the fourth single ‘Glittery Bums (feat. The Sistas, Clare McBrien, Jonnie Common)’ from their debut album ‘No Place Like It’.

10 August 2021

Spotlight on Findhorn Bay Arts, celebrating creativity with young music makers from Moray

Since 2012, Findhorn Bay Arts has been ‘making creative things happen’ in Moray and beyond. In this Spotlight piece for the Youth Music Initiative, find out more about their project In the Mix.

5 July 2021

Spotlight on Nevis Ensemble's Young Carer's project

For this month’s spotlight Nevis Ensemble Chief Executive, Jamie Munn writes about their recent Young Carer’s project which will tie in with Carer’s Week (7-13 June).

3 June 2021

Spotlight on hip hop artist Jackill

Aberdeenshire YMI have been working with local hip hop artist Jackill for 3 years to deliver a hip hop project to primary schools and two groups of young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream secondary education in the north of Aberdeenshire. Jackill writes here about why he believes hip hop is such an important tool for learning.

17 May 2021

Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland

We spoke to Robbie and Claire from Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland about the network and why it's such an important community to become a part of.

13 May 2021

Scotland's jazz

30 April is UNESCO International Jazz Day. This year, 20 of Scotland's finest jazz artists will celebrate the occasion at jazzahead!, the industry's leading international trade fair event.

26 April 2021

International Opportunities - September Round Up

Welcome to the September edition of Creative Scotland’s round-up of international opportunities and information, put together by Kate Deans, Creative Scotland’s newly appointed International Officer.

27 September 2021

International Opportunities - August Round Up

Welcome to the August edition of Creative Scotland’s round-up of international opportunities and information, put together by Kate Deans, Creative Scotland’s newly appointed International Officer.

10 September 2021

International Opportunities - July Round Up

Welcome to Creative Scotland’s new round-up of international opportunities and information! In this blog, we cover events on outgoing mobility, funding opportunities, international policy and useful resources.

23 July 2021

Time to Shine - an update on development work

When it launched in November 2013, Time to Shine was Scotland’s first national youth arts strategy. It set out a 10-year-vision for the future of youth arts in Scotland, one in which children and young people are put at the heart of the decision-making process.Now, in 2021, we all find ourselves working in a very different context to the one in which the strategy was launched. 

12 July 2021

An end of year message from our CEO, Iain Munro

As the year draws to a close, read this message from our CEO, Iain Munro.

15 December 2020

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Iain Munro writes on the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and Creative Scotland’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

16 June 2020

Dreaming Big Dreams: Children's Literature in Scotland

Mairi Kidd is Head of Literature, Languages and Publishing at Creative Scotland. Here she talks about the landscape of children's literature in Scotland.

10 January 2020

How the SoundPlay Dome encourages exploration and experimentation through music

With support from Creative Scotland's See Learn Share Fund, Ellie Turner shares her experience of learning more about the Soundplay Dome. Ellie is a designer of interactive materials and objects.

23 July 2019

Playing politics in Scotland: The potential of theatre to involve people in the decisions that affect their lives

How can theatre empower people to have their say? With the help of Creative Scotland’s See Learn Share Fund, Active Inquiry’s Artistic Director Gavin Crichton explores how participatory theatre can enable people to have a deeper say in the decisions that affect their lives.

18 July 2019

Digital technology and dance: Does motion capture offer an alternative to film?

With support from the See Learn Share fund, Julia McGhee and Fraser MacDonald have begun a new collaboration together and carried out the background work for a six month proof of concept project called Perception Experiments, which aims to use motion capture technology to map the movement qualities of young people who have learning and physical disabilities.

5 July 2019