What can I/we include as income or partnership funding?

Here are some examples of Partnership Funding:...

Here are some examples of Partnership Funding:

Box Office / Programme

Ticket income (main activity and hires)
Touring fees/guarantees/splits
Co-production income
Gallery/theatre hire
Exhibition sales
Website/print/CD sales

Ancillary Earned Income

Catering and bars
Programmes, confectionery, merchandise
Advertising income
Equipment, costume, music hire
Shop & catalogue sales

Other Earned Income

Education income
Recharges to other companies
Course fees and Membership contributions/fees for services
Income from tenants
Other fees – consultancy/conference
Investment income/interest/NIC rebates

Business Sponsorship

Trusts, Friends, Donations

Other Public Funds

Arts Council England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Eire
Local Enterprise Company
Tourist Board
Scottish Government
British Council
Local Authority - Revenue
Local Authority - Project

Other Lottery Income

You may be able to include income from other National Lottery Distributors, however, this is rare as each distributor funds different types of activity. In such cases, the total investment you may apply for from one or more Lottery distributors cannot exceed 75% of the total cost of the project. Please contact the Enquiries Line if you need further information on this.