What costs can I include for an album or EP recording project?

The Open Fund for Individuals is able to support the artistic and creative...

The Open Fund for Individuals is able to support the artistic and creative costs of recording an album or EP – primarily musicians’ fees and professional studio or venue hire, including engineering, production, mixing and mastering plus accommodation, travel and equipment hire. Costs relating to the pre-production, writing and rehearsal period may also be eligible.

If you are including costs associated with a music video or artwork design, these should be directly related to the album or EP and must demonstrate the same creative quality as the audio recording.

Costs associated with the marketing, promotion, manufacture and distribution of your recording may be included, but must be at an appropriate level and demonstrate value for money: as a public funding body, Creative Scotland is not able to make the same levels of investment in recording projects as might be expected from a commercial record label. If you are including these types of costs then we would usually expect you to also include an income line for initial sales, any in-kind contribution and/or crowdfunding.