Can I apply to the Open Fund for Individuals for support for any kind of creative writing?

Yes, so long as your plans also meet the other criteria for this fund outlined...

Yes, so long as your plans also meet the other criteria for this fund outlined in the Guidance for Applicants. The writers we have previously supported to develop through the Open Fund include those experimenting with poetry, graphic creative non-fiction and graphic fiction, hybrid works of prose and poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction: for adults and for children. We are also able to support applications from other types of writers, including Spoken Word Artists and Performance Poets looking to develop themselves and create new work not intended for the page. You might also be looking to support your development as a Literature Producer, Literature Programmer or other roles that interact with and support the development of creative work and creative writers in Scotland. Please note that the Open Fund for Individuals can only support an applicant’s time  where this is related to specific creative outcomes.

Our remit as a funder only covers writing that is creative in nature: we cannot support academic, journalistic or reference work. This includes work intended for educational purposes, and collections of essays that do not primarily focus on a creative narrative response to their subject matter. This is because these areas of publishing do not align with Creative Scotland’s function of supporting arts and culture.

You can apply for support to develop any creative literary work, but if an established, financially viable market exists for the type of work you are writing/plan to write then it may be difficult to argue that public funds are well utilised in supporting it.