Can I have more than one project at any one time funded through the Open Fund for Individuals?

Yes – you can have up to two separate projects that have been awarded funding at any time. We sometimes refer to this...

Yes – you can have up to two separate projects that have been awarded funding at any time. We sometimes refer to this as having two ‘live’ projects.

If you have been awarded fund for a project/activity through the Open Fund for Individuals, you can make one additional application for a different project or activity before you complete the first project. We consider a project to be complete when we have received and processed your End of Project Monitoring Form, including making any outstanding payments to you.

We expect you to clearly outline how you will be able to deliver any new project activity alongside any prior commitments, including already being in receipt of funding for another project through the same fund.

You can only have two funded Open Fund for Individuals projects at any time (including the previous version of the Open Fund for Individuals). This means that if you have been successful with two applications for separate projects/activity, you must complete at least one of them before you are eligible to make another application.