In relation to the optional international criterion, can we opt out of this at Stage 2, even if we answered it as part of our Stage 1 submission?

As outlined in the Multi-Year Fund Stage 1 guidance, the international criterion...

As outlined in the Multi-Year Fund Stage 1 guidance, the international criterion is optional for each applicant and if an applicant wishes to opt out of this criterion at Stage 2, it is possible to do so.

However, while the international criterion is optional, it's important to note that Creative Scotland still want to ensure that the final portfolio of organisations supported through the fund are covering all strategic areas of the fund criteria, which includes international.

If this is a weaker area of the applicants work and is not to be included in their proposed programme, then they may choose to omit it at Stage 2. They should note that this will remove the opportunity to be considered as one of the organisations that addresses this criterion in the final portfolio.

When considering any changes from the Stage 1 application, applicants should be aware of this part of the Stage 2 supplementary guidance (page 10), which raises eligibility if there are large-scale, material changes:

If there are any material changes between your Stage 1 answers and the content of your Business Plan, you will need to make us aware of these in your answers to the relevant sections of the application form. We may take the view that significant changes may alter the assessment outcome from Stage 1 and could make your Stage 2 application ineligible. Although we ask you to highlight the key areas of your Business Plan, assessors will read all of your main Business Plan and if they identify unambiguous inconsistencies between your Stage 1 application and your Stage 2 application (including your Business Plan), your application may be ineligible.

If international work was a key component of an applicant’s Stage 1 proposal and wider work, and they are now choosing to opt out of answering this at Stage 2, it may be viewed as a significant change and the application could be considered ineligible.

If an applicant selected the international criterion at Stage 1 and wishes to now opt out, please contact the Enquiries Service.