If we are an organisation which is part of a larger body, how should we address this in the business plan – do we present a business plan based only on our organisation and the activity we are seeking funding for, or do you want to see information on the wider organisation and work?

The key consideration here is to ensure that the information provided...

The key consideration here is to ensure that the information provided by any applicant is sufficient in allowing us to see the full transparency of the governance and financial arrangements between an applicant organisation and the parent body/wider organisation it is part of.

A business plan focused on the delivery of the work that will be supported through this fund is required, but we also need to be provided with an appropriate level of detail regarding the financial management and governance structure across the whole organisation. It would not be possible for Creative Scotland to take a full view of risk, for example, without understanding the broader financial health of the organisation and how decisions about the wider work of the organisations may impact the work being undertaken throughout the Multi-Year Funded period.

Therefore, your business plan should focus on your organisation and what it intends to deliver but have contextual information on the wider work. This information could include other funding sources and programmes of activity, for example.