As the business plan should cover the Multi-Year Funded period of April 2025 to March 2028, if other financial years are important for our organisation, should we include them as appendices?

As the Multi-Year Funding Programme will support organisations and their...

As the Multi-Year Funding Programme will support organisations and their activity between April 2025 and March 2028, the business plan should cover this period.

The activity an organisation undertakes outwith this period is outside the fund timeframe and therefore, it is not something that Creative Scotland would necessarily consider when assessing an application.

However, if an applicant feels there is information from financial years outwith the above period (e.g. 2024/25), which can assist Creative Scotland in better understanding the business plan, they can choose to include this as an appendix.

Applicants should be aware of this section of the Stage 2 supplementary guidance (page 11), which states that: we will not review any appendices which are deemed by us to be unnecessary, or which are not directly addressing the application criteria and there is no guarantee that information in appendices will be reviewed or included in the assessment of your application.

Any appendix which is felt to not be providing necessary information may not be read or considered in the Stage 2 assessment.