Where an organisation has multiple strands of activity, should they be highlighting all of their work or only that which they are looking to support with Multi-Year Funding?

In terms of outlining income and wider operations, where an applicant...

In terms of outlining income and wider operations, where an applicant is clearly a cultural organisation and is based in Scotland, it’s useful for us to see the full budget picture – including the range of other income they have from other sources, and the full range of activities they deliver as an organisation.

However, when telling us about their programme in both the ‘Quality and Ambition’ section and in the supporting outline programme document, we would expect them to clearly outline the programme of work that they're requesting the Multi-Year Fund to support (over the wider activity that isn't to be funded by us). If they think it's helpful (for context) then they can tell us what else they do that they're not seeking our support for, but they should make it clear which strands of work/programme are seeking our funding, and which are not.

At Stage 2, if successful at Stage 1, they will be required to include a much more detailed three-year budget as part of their business plan, which can more clearly provide the full budget and operational picture.