What do ‘core costs’ entail, and can this include any building development or capital costs?

The Multi-Year Funding Programme invites organisations to make...

The Multi-Year Funding Programme invites organisations to make applications for funding support to deliver 3-year programmes of activity.

As part of this applicants can allocate a proportion of those funds to support the core costs of the organisation that are needed to deliver the creative programme - staffing, administration and operational costs, some elements of equipment, marketing and communications.

This may also include a proportion of costs relating to buildings/premises, rental and maintenance.

In terms of building development, if any applicant feels that some financial support is needed to develop the premises that are required to deliver their programme, then this could be a consideration that is included in one of the Stage 1 expenditure budget lines.

However, it is important to note that this fund is not intended to act as a capital development programme and given the level of competition that will exist for the available funds, it is likely that any speculative bids for building development projects are unlikely to be successful unless a very strong argument is made for these at Stage 2 (when we will expect to look at this in more detail).

If significant additional funds are needed to develop a building so as to facilitate the delivery of the overall creative programme, it may mean that the programme is not feasible within the scope of the Multi-Year Funding programme.