How should an applicant consider sustainability in their application?

The Multi-Year Funding Programme intends to fund organisations for sustainable...

The Multi-Year Funding Programme intends to fund organisations for sustainable programmes of creative or cultural activity. Sustainability refers to both environmental and financial aspects.

Applicants will be asked specific questions to describe how they are considering their environmental sustainability. This will include questions on:

  • how they will incorporate the climate emergency into their organisational planning
  • how it will influence the way they develop their activity
  • how they will manage and be resilient to the impact of climate risk.

Applicants should consider their financial sustainability in terms of their reliability and diversity of sources of income, the variability of costs they incur and their planned expenditure, as well as how they manage levels of reserves.

As every applicant has a different business model and financial position then these factors will vary significantly. For this reason, we are not providing detailed guidance or assumptions on budget preparation, or any other financial information provided to us.

At Stage 1 we will seek topline information on income and expenditure needed to deliver the proposed programme.

At Stage 2, we will assess an organisation’s financial health and the financial risk associated with their proposal, based on the information supplied in the application and a business plan.