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Why has the Open Fund for Individuals changed?

In 2019, we conducted an in-depth funding review, which provided us with a great many insights on what the sector needed from us. We took time to consider the feedback from individuals on how they would like their relationship with us to be, and we talked to colleagues within Creative Scotland to consider how we might make changes to our funding approach, whilst still collecting all the information we need to make fair decisions.

Unfortunately the COVID pandemic delayed these plans – at a time when support for the arts and creative sector was so crucial, we made the decision to make minimal changes in 2020 in order to keep our funding schemes open and systems for applicants familiar.

We have now taken the next step in changing our approach to funding for individuals. The Open Fund for Individuals paused accepting applications on 3 August 2021, and a week later, on 10 August 2021, began accepting applications through a simplified, staged online application process.

This redevelopment draws on the funding review, and a range of other feedback we have heard from artists and creative practitioners and makes a number of key changes designed to make our processes simpler and more applicant-focused, and to make our decision making more transparent.

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