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Is my digital work carbon neutral?

Digital solutions are not carbon neutral. They have a significant carbon footprint of their own. Computing hardware uses rare earth elements, resources that are mined out of the natural environment. Cloud computing consumes a huge amount of electricity. Data transfer is also power hungry. For instance, “the average CO2 consumption of streamed online video is more than 300 million tons per year.” This is not a reason to avoid digital tools, but it is a call to understand how the tools you choose for your project have an impact.  Read more

What is Digital Creative Practice?

If you have or are developing a digital creative practice, then your application might draw on things like: mobile, console or computer games AR / VR / MR Streaming media – audio or video, this could be live or pre recorded A dedicated website to deliver the work Immersive - audio, video, 180 or 360 video, virtual exhibitions Motion capture Applied artificial intelligence – machine made or machine human interaction Projects that are site specific using geolocation 3d scans Blockchain enabled Interactive – allowing for branching narratives, audience involvement/decision making. Such work may use an interactive platform in a website (...)Read more

How can I make my digital work more inclusive?

Digital projects or those using online delivery do not equate to the wholesale removal of barriers for audiences. Remote delivery can create new barriers like limited access to hardware and software technology, lack of skills and access to data (3G/4G/broadband). Projects should consider this when thinking about audiences and project risks. It is useful for anyone creating online content to consider the digital divide when planning a project. To understand what this is start with the ONS’s data on digital exclusion. Keep in mind that 7% of UK population are still offline and 9m struggle to get online by themselves. (...)Read more

Can I apply for the development of a website?

We would not consider an application solely for the development of a website as a priority for funding. The Open Fund for Individuals aims to support projects centred around creative development, so your application would need to clearly articulate how a website would support creative activity. For example, if you are applying for a new programme of work and new ways of reaching people, and your website development supports this, then you could apply - the focus would be on the creative project and then describing how you are sharing this through a new website and/or other digital tools. Read more