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If my activity is covered by another fund you offer can I still apply to the Open Fund for Individuals?

If your proposed project/activity is broadly covered by one of our other funds, it is unlikely that we would prioritise funding for this type of project from the Open Fund for Individuals You can see all our funding programmes on our website – including our targeted funds and funds delivered by partners. Read more

Can I apply to multiple different Creative Scotland funds for the same project?

No, you cannot apply to multiple funding programmes that Creative Scotland run, or which are run by others on behalf of Creative Scotland, for the same project or activity – so please check the details of these other funds in case one of them is more appropriate for your project. Read more

I work in an area which does not have industry rates of pay, what would you advise I put as a rate?

Fair work is one of Creative Scotland’s core priorities and we are committed, through any activities we support, to ensure that artists and those professionals working in the creative community are paid fairly and appropriately for their time and effort. The Rates of Pay Guidance document available to download from the Creative Scotland website gathers sources of guidance on industry standards, union rates and codes of practice from key leading bodies. We expect you to clearly demonstrate in your application and budget how you have calculated your own rates, and the rates you are using to pay anyone else involved (...)Read more

Can I apply to both the Open Fund for Individuals and another National Lottery distributor's fund?

Yes, you can apply for support for the same project from both Creative Scotland and another National Lottery Distributor. You must ensure that you meet the specific criteria of each fund you are applying to and ensure that you address the correct criteria in each application. You cannot apply to multiple funds run by Creative Scotland or run by others on behalf of Creative Scotland for the same project. Creative Scotland is one of four National Lottery distributors in Scotland, and one of twelve National Lottery distributors in the UK. The other Scottish distributors are SportScotland, The National Lottery Community (...)Read more

Can I apply for 100% of my costs or do I need match funding?

We can fund projects up to 100% but you are encouraged to think about any partnerships that would support your project/activity before applying as they might help you to demonstrate resource and demand for the project. Partners and collaborators may not be able to provide cash support but they may be able to provide in-kind support such as mentoring in specific areas, reaching broader audiences, access to spaces or equipment, or skills training. Work that involves public presentation is usually supported by a framework of partnership working, that might involve support in kind from organisations, sponsorship by local businesses, a (...)Read more

Can I get help on budgets?

We recommend that you: (I) Make sure your budget matches the final draft of your application before you submit: sometimes plans change as applications are re-drafted, and then you end up with your budget telling us one story about your plans and the narrative of the application saying something different. (ii) Ask yourself, if you don’t know how much something costs, are you really ready to apply for support from public funds? We need to be able to understand both the relevance and feasibility of what you want to do, and that it is properly resourced in your budget. Asking for ‘£300 to cover (...)Read more

Can my budget be as simple as just a fee to myself for my time?

Yes, it absolutely can. Please note that the Open Fund for Individuals can only support an individual’s time where it is related to specific creative outcomes Read more

Can I include the cost of training courses in my budget?

Although funding for accredited courses or core curriculum activity is ineligible, you can often include costs for continuing professional development or necessary training as part of your project. You may wish to explore with our enquiries team ( if the course(s) you have in mind is eligible before including it in your project budget. Read more