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Regular Funding 2018-21 Application FAQs

Should I apply to Regular Funding?

Ultimately the decision to apply for Regular Funding would need to be based on whether you feel that you meet the criteria and eligibility. We would advise that you review all of the requirements of Regular Funding, by fully reading the funding guidance and all supporting materials, and base your decision on that. If you’re new to the fund, then Section 2 of the Regular Funding guidance may be useful, as it provides an overview of what is expected of a Regularly Funded Organisation. You can also attend one of our Information Sessions or speak to our Enquiries Team. Read more

What sorts of things can Regular Funding cover?

In very broad terms, Regular Funding can support anything that an organisation needs to deliver the programme of work outlined in their business plan and application. This can include core running costs, equipment, staffing, artistic programming, administration, marketing and communications, and small capital costs Read more

Who makes the decisions on the applications for Regular Funding?

"The decision making process is fully outlined in the guidelines (see Section 5) and will predominantly involve Creative Scotland staff and the Creative Scotland Board. All applications will go through a five-stage process of assessment, before final decisions are made. Initially they will be checked for completeness and basic eligibility by the Funding Team (Stage 1). Then they will assessed by Specialism Officers with relevant expertise (Stage 2). At this stage, we may share your application with your Local Authority and ask for their comment, especially if you are expecting financial support from them. Next, all applications and assessors’ recommendations (...)Read more

What will the Local Authority input be, especially if they are not contributing financially?

As set out in the guidance, we will be inviting comments from Local Authorities. These will be the Local Authorities in which the applicant is based - not the areas where they might be delivering work. We will ask Local Authorities to consider the strategic overview of their area, and use this to inform any comments they make. We are open to supporting activity across Scotland and will use the comments, if provided, to understand how your contribution fits into that Local Authority area. Your application will not be disadvantaged if a Local Authority decides not to comment. If your (...)Read more

What if the Local Authority doesn't know our organisation or our work?

We are asking Local Authorities to comment on an organisation and its work, if they are based there, if they have a substantial amount of their work there or if the applicant is planning to receive funding from the Local Authority. We would therefore expect that the Local Authority would have some knowledge of organisations, however, we would only expect Local Authorities to provide a strategic comment where it is able to. Where a Local Authority does not have any knowledge of an organisation, they are unlikely to provide comment. Read more

Do you anticipate that funding may be awarded that is less than the amount asked for? Or will the decision be more simply yes or no (ie you will fund the full amount requested or not)?

Because part of the assessment process for Regular Funding will look at developing a network of organisations which covers all sectors, specialisms, and geographic areas then we need to be able to deliver this within the overall budget for Regular Funding. Wherever possible we will aim to support an organisation’s plans, with the appropriate levels of funding which they feel are necessary to deliver them. However this isn’t a guarantee, and given the expected pressure on budgets it is likely that some organisations will be offered a funding agreement which is less than they were looking for. Read more

Will those in receipt of Regular Funding be eligible to apply for other Creative Scotland funding as well?

Successful applicants will be funded to undertake the activities set against Creative Scotland funding contained within their agreed three year Business Plan. RFOs will not be eligible to receive support through Open Project Funding in the future, but may be eligible for some Targeted Funds. Information about whether or not RFOs are eligible will be included in the funding guidelines for each Targeted Fund. Read more

Will you be providing transition funding to organisations who are currently funded through Regular Funding (2015-18), but who are unsuccessful for the period 2018-21?

We would hope that we would be able to provide some transition funding, but as our budgets for the period are presently unconfirmed, we cannot commit to providing transition funding for any organisations which are currently an RFO, but are unsuccessful in this round. We would aim to make a decision on this when we receive our budget confirmation from Scottish Government - currently anticipated to be between October and December 2017. Read more

If I have an application for Open Project Funding currently being developed, or presently being assessed, will this have any impact if I subsequently put in an application for Regular Funding?

Any application for Open Project Funding that is presently being assessed will not have any direct bearing on the decision making around a subsequent application for Regular Funding.However it is worth noting that as the Regular Funding is covering the period from April 2018 to March 2021, if you are thinking about applying for Open Project Funding to deliver work during this timeframe, then we would encourage you to think about which funding programme was the most appropriate for your needs. Read more

You state that the minimum that can be applied for is £150,000 over 3 years – is there a maximum that we can apply for?

The minimum amount you can apply for through Regular Funding will be £150k over three years per organisation/consortium. There is no maximum amount, but given the limited resources likely to be available, please be realistic about the amount you are requesting from Creative Scotland. Read more