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Regular Funding 2015-18 FAQs

How many organisations applied for funding?

We received 264 applications for 2015-18 Regular Funding. 1 application was withdrawn, 3 were ineligible, 260 applications went through to the assessment stage. Read more

In total, for all applications, how much money was sought, and how much has been awarded?

Across the 264 applications received, the total requested was £212m across the 3 years of the programme. Read more

What period of funding does this cover?

This round of Regular Funding covers April 2015-March 2018. Funding agreements will be subject to amendment should overall grant in aid budgets decrease during this period. Read more

Which organisations make up the new portfolio?

Many organisations in the portfolio have previously been supported through annual or multi-year funding by Creative Scotland, although, in the new portfolio, most will benefit from longer term, more stable funding compared to that previous funding (in line with the Board commitments made back in December 2012) Read more

When will the Regular Funding next be open for applications?

Guidance and application forms for the next round of Regular Funding for 2018-2021 will be published on our website in the week commencing 31 October 2016. We will open for receipt of applications from 16 January 2017 and the closing date for applications will be 3 April 2017. Read more

Are applicants allowed to see the assessment documents for their application?

Any organisation that submitted an application to Regular Funding will be entitled to see their Stage 1 assessment. Read more

Will Creative Scotland be publishing details of who applied, but wasn’t awarded?

As is usual practice, we will not be making any public announcements regarding unsuccessful applicants and their individual assessments will only be discussed, in confidence, with the applicant directly. Read more

If an application was unsuccessful, are there alternative funds they can apply to?

All unsuccessful applicants can look at our Open Project Fund, which opened to applications in October 2014, or the suite of Targeted Funds, if appropriate. Read more

In the main ‘sector support’ organisations are not being included as part of the new Regular Funding portfolio. These organisations will be now be supported through Targeted Funding as appropriate. What is the reasoning behind this decision?

In order to respond to the large number of high quality applications and support as many organisations as possible, we have decided to focus support on organisations that create, make and share artistic and creative work across Scotland. Read more

Given the oversubscription to the budget, how many of the final portfolio received what they asked for?

The overall request across all applications was far in excess of our ability to fund. Nonetheless we have still tried to ensure that we fund all organisations in the portfolio at a level that enables them to be operationally resilient while continuing to produce great work. Read more