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Artists' Bursaries FAQs

If I can’t decide which specific examples of my work to submit in support of my application – can I send you everything and let you decide on the best selection?

No. Because of the demands on this fund, the numbers of applications we receive, and in order to make the process manageable for the Bursary Panel, we cannot accept limitless quantities of supporting materials. The application guidelines stipulate that applicants must submit a CV which can include up to 5 working web-links identifying biographical and review information, and a maximum of 10 pieces of supporting material that best illustrate your ideas and recent work. If an applicant submits more than this, these additional materials will not be considered as part of the assessment. Read more

What changes have you made to the Artists Bursaries programme for 2014?

The changes to the Artists’ Bursaries programme for 2014 are relatively minor and they haven’t changed the main purpose of the fund – which remains to provide ‘artists and creative professionals with time to think, research, reflect and/or experiment with new ideas’. Using our experience of the enquiries and applications received over the last three deadlines we have aimed to clarify some elements of the guidance and application process. This has meant the introduction of word limits on the application form and a streamlining of the submission of additional material. With the number of applications received our aim is to (...)Read more

Will you be in a position to offer feedback to unsuccessful applicants to the August deadline for the Artists’ Bursaries?

We believe that feedback is an important part of the application process but we are also duty bound to ensure that we can offer a consistent quality of feedback that is meaningful to applicants.  With the high number of applications we have experienced for the Bursaries programme in the past, and the capacity of our teams, it has not been possible to provide feedback from the last deadline of the Bursaries Programme ( in January 2014).  A decision will be taken on feedback for the August deadline when we know the number of applications received and when we have had (...)Read more

Given that an applicant could consider applying for £5k from either the Professional Development fund, or the Artists Bursaries programme, what are the main differences between them in terms of the support they offer the individual artist/practitioner?

Whilst both programmes exist to support individual artists and creative practitioners, the focus for Professional Development is more on skills development through structured programmes of training, which can include attending conferences, workshops and master-classes. The Artists Bursaries programme is more concerned with the research and development of ideas and the testing of new approaches through the making of the work itself. Read more

The guidelines talk about the need to demonstrate a ‘track record’, and a ‘strong track record’ if looking for one of the higher level bursaries. What does this mean, and what are you looking for?

We want to support artists at different stages of their career and the Artists’ Bursaries programme has been designed to do this. Our funds are prioritised towards enabling artists and creative professionals who can demonstrate a clear professional commitment to their work and who have clear ambitions to continue to grow and develop their practice over time. Read more

What level of information, and what sorts of expenditure, are you expecting to see in my budget for Artists’ Bursaries?

The budget helps us to see what the main costs involved in your project are. The fund can help to provide time for research and reflection and so you may want to include a line that outlines how much time you hope to free up by receiving a Bursary. The work you propose may have elements of travel and subsistence as well as small elements of equipment hire/ purchase. The budget needs to show us how you will use the funds awarded to achieve the outcomes that you have identified in your application. Read more

What happens to the Artists’ Bursaries programme after the August 2014 deadline? Are there plans for it to continue beyond this?

At the present time the intention is that Artists’ Bursaries will have one deadline in 2014 (in August) after which time a new Open Project fund will be open for application from October 2014. Our intention is that this new fund will provide artists and creative professionals with funding to develop their practice and that it will become the key route for support - replacing discrete funds such as the Bursaries, Professional Development and International programme, etc. Read more

We’re a band looking for funding to create and produce/ promote a new album – can we apply to Artists’ Bursaries for support?

No. Funding for the creation and public presentation of new work – such as the development and production of a new album – should be directed towards our Quality Production fund. Read more

In the guidelines it says that Artists’ Bursaries will not support the publication, presentation or dissemination of new work. Why not?

Because we already offer a funding programme (our Quality Production fund) which exists to fund the research and development, and then the subsequent production and public presentation, of new pieces of work. Read more

If I’m unsuccessful in my application for this round, and want to re-apply, is there anything stopping me?

The Open Project funds will be available from October 2014 and this would the appropriate route to apply for support to develop practice. The guidelines and application process will be published in the summer of 2014 and you would be encouraged to become familiar with these before making an application. Read more