Robert Wilson (Chair)

Robert Wilson brings a wide range of leadership experience in the commercial, philanthropic and charitable sectors, with particular experience of the arts, including festivals and the visual arts. Mr Wilson is co-founder of Jupiter Artland Foundation, the award winning Sculpture Park near Edinburgh.

He has served as Chair of Edinburgh Art Festival, Trustee of Little Sparta Trust, Trustee of the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh, Trustee of the Dovecot Studios and Chair of the Arts Working Group at Inverleith House. He chairs The Barcapel Foundation and Prostate Scotland. He is Chairman and co-owner of Nelsons, the UK’s largest natural medicines producer.

Mr. Wilson's initial appointment as Chair was for four years and ran from 10 February 2018 to 9 February 2022. This appointment was regulated by the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland.

He was reappointed for four years - the reappointment runs from 10 February 2022 to 9 February 2026. This reappointment is regulated by the Ethical Standards Commissioner.