Malath Abbas

Malath Abbas is a game designer, artist and creative producer working on experimental and meaningful games and experiences in Scotland. Malath is a founding member of Biome Collective, a creative studio, community and digital space for people to create, collaborate and explore new frontiers in game design, digital art and technology.

With over 10 years working in Scotland, Malath has created a diverse portfolio of work and has exhibited internationally. With a passion for the arts, he has a track record of cross-disciplinary collaborative projects with sectors outside of games. Through close collaboration, partnership and workshop facilitation Malath has worked to demystify digital and games to diverse groups and settings.

Past projects include ‘Shpeel’ an interactive installation that explores mental health, BAFTA Scotland nominated game ‘Killbox’ and ‘Arcadia Festival’ that brings people together and empowers marginalised voices to explore, share and celebrate games design, experimental process and our evolving cultural landscape.