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Intrinsic Value

Ruth Negga in Iona (photo: Baird Entertainments)

Creativity enriches all our lives and tells the world who we are

It expresses who we are, challenges us, entertains us and makes us think.

It has the power to transform us, to take us away from the everyday and to enjoy being alive.

It can also inspire us to participate in creative endeavour, to become artists or creators ourselves.

It shapes our international reputation and how we are seen by the world.

The arts, screen and creative industries are Scotland’s international calling card telling the story of what Scotland is and can be through our creativity. They send a message to the world that Scotland is a place where creativity thrives, producing internationally renowned work, sending our home-grown talent out into the world and drawing international talent to come here.

Did you know?

  • Scotland is widely recognised as rich in cultural heritage and is also seen as an interesting and exciting place for contemporary culture. Scotland’s reputation for both these attributes continues to be ranked in the Top 20 globally - Nations Brand Index, GFK-Anholt, 2014
  • 88% of people in Scotland agree that Scotland is a creative nation - Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2015
  • 58% of the Scottish population report that they take part in creative activity on at least a weekly basis - Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2015
  • 73% agree that they are a creative person and 67% agreed that arts and culture are an important part of their life - Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2014
  • 87% believe it is right that there should be public funding of arts and cultural activities in Scotland - Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2015
  • 71% say their local area would lose something of value if the area lost its arts and cultural activities - Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2015
  • 92% of adults in Scotland took part in a cultural activity in 2015 - Scottish Household Survey, 2015.

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