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Funding Overview

Craft Maker Amanda Simmons (photo: courtesy of Craft Scotland)

Creative Scotland distributes funding from two primary sources, the Scottish Government and the National Lottery. This funding is the means by which we support a portfolio of organisations across Scotland, as well as how we help with the development of individuals, funding ideas and projects, and how we deliver specific activity with partners.

During 2014/15, Creative Scotland has changed the way it distributes its funding, with the aim of simplifying the process for individuals and organisations. We are moving towards a smaller suite of new funding programmes that will replace most of the funding schemes previously offered by Creative Scotland.

As with any process of change, there is a period of transition – when we move from the old model to the new. What follows is a summary of the funding opportunities available during 2014/15, and the key dates for the changes.

New Funding Routes from October 2014

From October, Creative Scotland funding will be as follows:

  • Regular Funding for organisations for at least three years
  • Open Project Funding for individuals and organisations
  • A small number of targeted development funding programmes which have specific priorities or shared goals with other agencies. Within this will be a number of funds – sometimes called ‘devolved funds’ - which are delivered by partner organisations on behalf Creative Scotland.

Regular Funding

Regular Funding seeks to ensure Scotland has a wide range of arts and creative organisations through which artists and creative people can deepen and deliver their work, their engagement with the public, and their professional networks. Regular funding is one of the key means by which the ambitions, priorities and connecting themes highlighted in the Creative Scotland 10 Year Plan will be addressed. It will provide stable support for a range of organisations/consortia across Scotland who make an important contribution to the development of the arts, screen and creative industries, enabling them to plan and deliver activities over a 3 year period.

Programme Launched: 9 April 2014
Deadline for applications: 7 July 2014
Decisions announced: End of Oct 2014
Funding awarded: For period April 2015 – March 2018

Open Project Funding

Available to both individuals and organisations working across Scotland in the arts, screen and creative industries, Open Project Funding will replace most of the project based funding programmes previously operated by Creative Scotland.

Open Project Funding will support a wide range of projects and activity including:

  • Projects that develop skills or artistic practice
  • Projects that create something new and of high quality
  • Projects which either present work to audiences, or which try to develop and reach new  audiences (including those hard to reach)
  • Projects which encourage more people to get involved in artistic and creative activity

Support will be available for activity and projects of different size, scale and duration – and for up to 2 years in duration. Awards will be in the range £1,000 to £150,000.

Guidelines published: Late September 2014
Open for applications: Late October 2014
Funding awarded: From November 2014 (for a period up to 2 years)

Targeted Funding

Targeted Funding addresses specific activities and development needs in an art form, specialism, or place, and can be shaped in response to sector reviews, strategic planning or consultation with external partners. Funds allocated by the Scottish Government for specific purposes (such as the Youth Music Initiative, and CashBack for Creativity) and lottery funds for Film and Television development will also come under Targeted Funding. Additionally, a small number of funding programmes which have shared goals with other agencies will fall under Targeted Funding - including a number of funds, sometimes called ‘devolved funds’, which are delivered by partner organisations.

A full list of our targeted funds can be found in our Annual Plan.

More Information

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If you want to talk to somebody then you can call our Enquiries Services on 0845 603 6000 or email enquiries@creativescotland.com. Lines are open from 10am-12noon, and 2-4pm Mon-Fri, and outwith these times you can leave a message and we’ll come back to you.